Our 92 Credit hour program or students may transfer in credits, which will be reviewed for entrance to Saint James School of Medicine.

Semester 1Credits
Student Success3Course Syllabus
Introduction to Nutrition 3Course Syllabus
Personal Fitness & Wellness3Course Syllabus
Introduction to Biology and Lab4Course Syllabus
English Composition I3Course Syllabus
Cultural Anthropology3Course Syllabus
Semester 2
Medical Terminology3Course Syllabus
Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab4Course Syllabus
Introduction to Statistics
3Course Syllabus
Introduction to Psychology3Course Syllabus
Intro to Environmental Science3Course Syllabus
English Composition II3Course Syllabus
Semester 3
College Algebra3Course Syllabus
Spanish I4Course Syllabus
General Chemistry I and Lab4Course Syllabus
Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab4Course Syllabus
Introduction to Sociology3Course Syllabus
Introduction to Communication3Course Syllabus
Semester 4
General Physics I with Lab4Course Syllabus
Western Civilization I3Course Syllabus
Spanish II4Course Syllabus
Personal Finance3Course Syllabus
Precalculus3Course Syllabus
Semester 5
General Calculus I3Course Syllabus
Microbiology Lab4Course Syllabus
Pharmacology 3Course Syllabus
Western Civilization II3Course Syllabus
First Aid/CPR3Course Syllabus

Transfer Credits

Transfer in of credits will be evaluated on a case by case basis. The school reserves the right to refuse transfer of credit. Students who have completed college-level credits are required to submit official transcripts. The student must have earned a grade of “C” or higher in order to gain credit.

Technology Requirement

Students must have access to a reliable computer and Internet access. Students with access and/or account problems must contact the course provider. Students with other technical issues can contact our help desk.